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Good luck with the midterms! Currently, studying for my own and not looking forward to them, but at the finish line as well so just continuing to push. I'm an accountant trying to learn more about macro-economics so looking forward to your fed outlook explanations cause I always feel lost trying to read into that stuff/struggle to understand the implications without someone to help explain things, so thank you as well.

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Thank you too

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I have a suggestion!

I would love to see an evidence-based analysis of the 60's and 70's that refutes Chamath's claims here: https://twitter.com/chamath/status/1375244032230625281?s=20

Particularly claim #8, that government spending leads the way in closing the gap between rich and poor.

I think putting Volcker, stagflation, the oil embargo etc. into context here would be particularly interesting and useful when framing the current economic landscape: Powell keeping interest rates low, inflation concerns are ramping up (even though I agree with your other post, no need to panic on inflation yet), unemployment is still relatively high, and we're seeing supply shortages.

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